Photo Manager, Still Image Management Department, Scripps Network Interactive

Briefly tell us about yourself.

My team at Still Image Management Department at SNI is responsible for the production, creation and management of still photography for all of the Scripps’ corporate departments, as well as the production of hundreds of original commissioned shoots for network talent, unit stills, and digital and mobile assets. I developed and implemented the processes and workflows for company-wide still image management and serve as the business owner for Scripps’ enterprise image database, iDAM. I lead a team of fabulous and talented photo producers/photographers who support Scripps’ global media platforms. Also, I’m a veteran of the United States Air Force, having served as a Russian translator.

What was the best advice you received so far in your career?

“Enjoy the journey and say YES/Volunteer!” By saying yes to opportunities or volunteering, I learned to create beautiful leis in Hawaii at Waikiki’s oldest lei stand, worked as a marshall at Pebble Beach Golf Links and served my country in the Air Force. I also spent over a week in Kuwait helping to document DIY Network’s Man Cave Troop Edition in partnership with the USO, flew on the corporate NetJet and photographed the Food Network 20th Birthday celebration. Also, I served as a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and have met the most amazing and wonderful people along the way.

Who are the people who you look up to? Why?

The first department I joined at Scripps was a fantastic, wildly fun and talented creative group. My cube-buddy, Becky Hamblin, was a treasure trove of wonderful advice, mentorship, friendship and corporate history. She has the most compassionate heart, a contagious laugh and is a tireless champion for everyone. She retired a few years ago and continues to be a wonderful friend and mentor. Several years ago, I was asked to be the business owner for building and integrating our image database. Beth Jackson, an IT Director, was the most generous person to guide me through a very complicated and unfamiliar experience. For two years, she coached and mentored me on nearly every step of the IT, SCRUM and vendor management world. She’s incredibly witty, intelligent, kind and one of the strongest communicators I know.

How do you combat stress at work?

I’ll take a walk around the campus, usually finding my way to Lake Lesser (our onsite pond with fountains and paddle boats) or through Packard Park. Since I’ve been with the company for many years, a stroll through the office almost always results in a great, stress-relieving catch-up conversation with friends/colleagues. Also when our photo studio isn’t in use, I’ll go there to decompress and do 10 minutes of yoga/stretching.

What show/s are you currently watching right now?

I recently started watching BBC’s The Great British Bakeoff and my favorite quote from season one is “I have a lot to do, so I better get my wiggle on.” Bonus...all those cakes!

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